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The Laboratory Balances are a class of balance designed to measure small mass in the sub-milligram range. The measuring pan of an analytical balance is inside a transparent enclosure with doors so that dust does not collect and so any air currents in the room do not affect the balance’s operation. Analytical balances are highly sensitive lab instruments designed to accurately measure mass. Their readability has a range between 0.001g – 0.0000001g.


Different industrial scales offer different weighing ranges and levels of accuracy. When selecting a industrial scale, be sure to consider the anticipated weight of the object to be measured, and make sure the industrial scale you decide upon has a maximum weighing capacity slightly above your needs. In addition, different industrial scales can have different functions such as full-range tare, part counting and zero capabilities.


A moisture analyzer is a device used in the measurement of moisture content. Employed in a variety of applications, a moisture analyzer can be used to measure samples of many different substances. In fact, these devices are used in many different industries, ranging from food processing and pharmaceuticals to construction and chemical preparation. Many chemicals and mixtures can be compromised by exposure to too much moisture.


Water Analysis Meters

Depending on the model, a water analysis meter can measure one or more parameters such as pH, conductivity, redox, resistance, turbidity, total dissolved solids (TDS) and salinity. A typical water analysis meter has many optional accessories available, including electrodes, buffer solutions and calibration solutions.

Data Printer


No matter which brand weighing balance or scale is connected, you will always obtain a printout that meets the quality standards.

*with builtin SQC functions

Calibration Weights

Calibration Weights are used to check the reading of scale, to make sure it is still accurate. They are used while calibrating a scale. While the calibration states how a scale behaves, adjustment of the scale changes its behavior.What it does is a set of operations carried out on a scale so that it provides prescribed indications corresponding to given values of a quantity to be measured.

Water Testing

These instruments are for the analysis of water or colour measurement. The range comprises PH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Turbidity Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Flame Photo Meter, Spectrophotometer, Karl Fischer Titrator, Photo Flori Meter, Colorimeter, Melting Point Apparatus etc.

Jewelry Weighing

The series offers a range of Jewelry Balances for weighing precious metals and stones in a variety of capacities and readabilities. The balances are OIML approved and ideal for legal-for-trade applications. The instrument features an auxiliary display that can be easily connected to provide simultaneous viewing of results for both trader and customer.

Anti Vibration Tables

Ergonomically styled, the AVT anti vibration table offers a solid, stable surface developed specifically to help decrease vibration during measurement. Anti-vibration table is ideal for R & D, testing & QC laboratories located in a setup subjected to high vibration due to operation of machines. Damping of vibration is provided at two locations.

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